You are all Godless people!

akos akos at
Sun Jun 8 01:17:45 EST 1997

hello there, who created everything??? hmm, maybee a supreme being
that came before all matter??? use yah headz... GOD, whether a GOD or
NOT, exists, there is a creator, no more of this shit... ( GOD could
be nature, atoms, whatever the fuck... he's there... somewhere, in
some form...

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>>>On Tue, 8 Apr 1997 09:17:50 -0400, Mike Rose <mich_ros at>
>>>>> From now on, NOBODY respond to any of this God and Godless stuff!!!!!!
>>>>> It's time for all of this to stop, and for all us to get back to more
>>>>> important things.  I'm tired of reading it, and so of you, so STOP!!!!!
>>>>WHAT CAN BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOD?? You are godless for calling him
>>>>non-imortant. The supreme power of God shall not be ignored. You are a
>>>>sinner for denying his importance! Hell awaits all those who deny God. God
>>>>is good, to ignore is bad. We have little time left upon this planet. Read
>>>>Revelation and realise just how important this talk is!!!!!!
>>>There is no God. To believe such things is ignorant.  To believe that
>>>there is life after death is childish!  We are made of atoms, which
>>>cannot be destroyed, only changed.  We will become part of the Earth,
>>>and nothing more....  But who the fucks cares?  God is a myth, I am
>>>very sorry to be the one to tell you this................  To believe,
>>>and live by the " Lord's ways" only shows ignorance.....
>>>			Sorry,
>>>			NoGodAnyWhere at Stupid.Com
>>Interesting points.  We are all made of atoms, which are mostly empty
>>space and ultimately made of energy.  Material as we know it is
>>illusion.  There is energy and space.  And yet this energy is never
>>destroyed as you point out, it only changes form.  The enegy in our
>>bodies was once the stuff stars were made of.  The stars exploded
>>spewing the heavier elements from which planets and living beings were
>>eventually formed.  We are star stuff you and I.  We are the universe
>>having become aware of itself.  That in itself is an awesome and
>>mysterious thing.  And as you correctly point out we will never pass
>>away but only change  form.  
>errrr........Excuse me! Got any asprin? this is what we are not to
>discuss at the dinner table.....Remember... Pass the pot Roast, will
>you please..........
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