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13 June 1997

Hello Joyce, 

Sorry about posting this message on the net but the message I've sent to 
your email address just bounced back. We happen to be in the same 
university and in case 
you didn't know, I happen to have a copy of Lindsley & Zimm's Genome of 
Drosophila melanogaster (also known as the redbook). It contains 
information of all genes known since 1989. It also has info about 
the function of the proteins these genes code for as well as biblio. Now if 
you want 
information about newly-discovered genes (especially those involved in 
the molecular mechanisms of development, e.g. reaper), try accessing 
flybase ( and you'll get the needed info. 
But if you're interested in my book or if you have more questions, drop 
by at the lab I'm presently squatting in : Rm 119, Natural Sciences 
Research Institute, UP Diliman -- and I'll be glad to help.

Happy hunting!


On Thu, 12 Jun 1997 Joyce at wrote:

> Please guide me to articles or Web sites where I can get information on
> which Drosophila genes have been identified along with their function.
> I am not a scientist so forgive my layman's language.

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