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Steven Horng webmaster at webabyss.com
Mon Jun 16 09:16:03 EST 1997

Currently, I'm engaged in a genetics project involving Drosophila
Melongaster where I cross the flies and determine the genotypes of the
Parent Generation.  Curently, I have a 1:11.5 ratio of white eyed flies
to total number of flies in my F2 generation.  However, my wild and
bright red eye ratio was messed up, since I did not realize the
gradation between the two and recorded them both as wild.  

These ratios are out of 200 flies, and are not sex linked.  The F1
generation were all wild.  The Parents were female: white male:wild Can
anyone help?  The only thing I can think of is epistasis where only a 
homozygous genes(XX or xx) and the recessive pair of genes (ww) will
code for white, ie (wwXX) or (wwxx), while (wwXx) will code for bright
red. all the rest will code for wild.  What do you think?  The
theoretical phenotypical ratio between white and total flies would be
1:10 using this method.  

	However, I was told by my mentor that this is incorrect.  Any ideas. 
I've tried flybase, but their white eyes are sex linked.  What other
alleles would cause white eyes besides (w)?  

-Steven Horng
 webmaster at webabyss.com

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