New P element Stock Centre in Szeged, Hungary

Janos Szidonya sidonja at BIOCOM.BIO.U-SZEGED.HU
Thu Nov 13 10:03:03 EST 1997

Dear Colleagues, Drosophilists,

	We are proud to announce that an European Drosophila P element induced
lethal Stock Centre has been established at the Department of Genetics of
Jozsef Attila University, Szeged, Hungary.
	The Stock Centre is the filial of the European Drosophila Stock Centre in
Umea, Sweden and subsidized by European Union. Director of the Centre is
Peter Maroy and the currator of the stock collection to whom quieries have
to be addressed is Janos Szidonya.
	The Stock Centre keeps the P element induced second chromosomal collection
isolated in Istvan Kiss' lab and published by Torok et al. Genetics 135:
71-80, and the third chromosomal collection which were isolated in our
Department during the last few years by Peter Deak and Peter Maroy by the
financial support of Hungarian Scientific Research Found No:T12919 to P.M.
and P.D. A detailed description of this collection will appear in December
1997 issue of Genetics.
	The third chromosomal collection was isolated by mobilizing P-GalW and
P-lacW elements and kept on yellow-white backgroud balanced over TM3, Sb Ser
chromosome. The location of the P element has been determined in 1140 lines
(half of the collection) and in the present state we may say that we have
inserts for almost all lettered subdivision. At the same time 28
deficiencies uncovering  about 700 cytological bands (1/3rd of the
euchromatin) identified 630 lines. Lines uncomplementing 21 deletions were
subjected to complementation crosses: 468 lines form 145 complementation
groups, with an average three alleles. We continue the deficiency mapping
and minimum 50% of chromosome 3 will be uncovered to the end of the year.
The homozygote lethal phase phase of about 2200 lines was determined
exploiting the Tubby larval-pupal phenotype of the TM6C balancer.
	If you need more information, please write, do not hesitate.

Stock requests have to be addressed to:
Dr.Janos Szidonya
Department of Genetics
Jozsef Attila University
H-6727 Szeged
Kozepfasor 52.

phone and fax: 36-62-432-485

e-mail: sidonja at

P.S.:In your request mail, please, give your most detailed address together
with your phone number  for the best express delivery.
With best regards,
Janos Szidonya

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