Position available

Leif Sxndergaard lsunicph at BIOBASE.DK
Mon Nov 17 11:07:57 EST 1997

At the Department of Genetics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark a position 
as research assistant is open from December 15th. The position is limited to 
2 years.
The successful candidate should hold at least a M.Sci. degree in molecular 
biology. Experience working with Drosophila is required.
The position is associated to a research group working on G-protein coupled 
receptors in Drosophila. Knowledge in this field is advantageous and "hands 
on experience" with most of the following techniques will be considered 
important: DNA and RNA isolation, Northern- Southern blot, sequencing, PCR, 
plasmid construction, mini and maxi preparation of plasmids, and 
transformation of Drosophila. 
If you are interested in the position or want more information, contact:
Assoc. Prof. Leif Sondergaard, e-mail: lsunicph at biobase.dk
Dept. of Genetics
Univ. of Copenhagen
O. Farimagsgade 2A
DK-1353 Copenhagen K

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