A few general questions

Stephen Segal gcsegal at erols.com
Wed Nov 19 22:39:47 EST 1997

It seems pretty dumb- I can find the map of the entire Drosophila
genome, but I can't find answers to these seemingly simple questions. 
Can anyone help?

1. Can eggs, larvae, and pupae be safely removed from the culture jar
for counting?  How?
2. How can one generation of flies be isolated?  I need to determine
life span of flies fed on different growth formulas?
3. What is the average mass of 1 D. melanogaster?
4. How much (if any) Vitamin E is included in fruit fly growth media?
5. Any ideas on how I can mix Vitamin E into the growth medium and have
the flies eat it?  Mix in a powder?  Add a liquid?

Any help would be appreciated, etc., etc.
							-Stephen Segal

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