HOX in the 4th D

Jianli Dong j.dong at utoronto.ca
Wed Nov 26 13:31:25 EST 1997

Magli MC et al. 1991. Coordinate regulation of HOX genes in human
hematopoietic cells. PNAS 88:6348-52.

The above paper analyzed HOX loci expression in hematopoietic cells, using
cell lines and Northern blot.

The authors conclude that 5' HOX genes express in stem cells, 3' in
committed progenitor cells (not the other way around). And, A clusters in
myelocytes, B in erythrocytes, C in lymphocytes and D, silent.

Think about this statement, now HOX is coordinated in the 4th dimension
(time), not along the A-P axis that we used to.

Any comments? Jianli Dong

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