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Chris Jones & Deirdre Sum,drjones at,000000 writes:
Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about minimizing static
electricity when working with flies? I'm using plastic vials and both
cotton and foam plugs (the latter being noticably worse for static) and a
typical CO2 pad surfaced with porous plastic. My problem, recognizable to
most everyone reading this, I suspect, is that static will sporadically
fling anesthetized flies to the four corners of the pad and beyond, and
it's driving me nuts. Any advice on how to defeat (or at least circumvent)
Mother Nature in this struggle?
A couple of possibilities from the electronics world:
1) try a blast of the anti-static spray they sell at the super market
to prevent "embarassing static cling"

2) attach a wire to ground (a water pipe, or the center switchplate screw
from an electrical outlet.  attach the other end to some foil of metal
Wipe the areas affected periodically to drain the static charge

3) try one of those old zero-stat guns that shoot ions onto vinyl phonograph
records.  If you can find one, I bet it will be cheap surplus, with the
disappearance of LPs.

I'll be curious to here other people's solutions, and the results of what

Andy Papp
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