seeking vermillion deficiences

Gavin Wilkie Gavin.Wilkie at
Thu Oct 9 11:55:46 EST 1997

Hi there !

I have been working on an interesting mutation which disrupts RNA
localisation and which maps somewhere in 9F3-9F10. I am desperately trying
to get hold of two X-chromosome deficiency stocks which uncover the left of
the vermillion area.

Df(1)v-L16           Deficiency       9F3-9F5;10A1-10A2
Df(1)v-L4             Deficiency       9F5-9F6;10A1

I have tried contacting the labs of both Zhimulev and Eeken who have both
published articles using these, but they no longer have the stocks.

Does anyone anywhere have a deficiency with breakpoints between 9F3 and 9F10?



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