I need dfs in the 14A-14B area

vs vsubramanium at bmg.bhs.uab.edu
Fri Oct 10 16:58:38 EST 1997

I have mapped a mutation to the 14A-14B region utilizing all the stocks
available from the stock centers.  I have written several people which I
thought would have defiencies in this region, to no avail.  I would deeply
appreciate any stocks that would help me further map this mutation.  Thanx
in advance!


Nicki deVore
565 MCLM
1918 University blvd
Birmingham, AL 35294

ndevore at bmg.bhs.uab.edu

V. Subramaniam
Dept. of Biochem. and Mol. Genetics,
University of Alabama at Birmingham,
Birmingham, AL 35294.
Tel: (205) 975-8176.

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