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<bold>Labsupply,,Internet writes:

</bold><x-quoted>Hi folks,

We have a small lab supply co that sells fly facility equipment, such as CO=

 staging. We also sell coated slides,like super frost, but much less than t=

 big boys. We sell bioreagents such as X-gal and IPTG at very good prices a=

 well. If interested please send for catalog.

thanks,marty rosem


marty Rosen


Dear Marty,

Perhaps we should collaborate.  Among a variety of products for

molecular genetics labs, we makea CO2 delivery system that is foot-pedal

controlled, to save gas.  That goes in between the tank and the CO2 staging=

Perhaps we could offer some of each other's products.  We have a nasent

website at where you can see most of

our products.  (The CO2 system is not there yet, but feel free to call or

e-mail for more info.

Andrew Papp

Tritech Research

(310) 446-4460


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