Postdoctoral Position

Michael Forte forte at
Wed Oct 29 16:41:18 EST 1997


   A two year position is available immediately to examine the role of
Ca+2 signaling during development and in complex behavior responses.  This
project represents a collaboration between investigators at the Vollum
Institute of the Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR and
Waseda University, Tokyo.  The initial focus will be on developmental
interactions during Drosophila development which require the activation of
Ca+2/calmodulin kinase IV.  Candidates should have demonstrated experience
with standard molecular and biochemical techniques such as PCR, library
screening and heterologous expression in bacterial and cultured mammalian
cells as well as some knowledge of fly genetics.  Salary is negotiable. 
Send curriculum vitae along with the names and addresses of three
references to:

Dr. Michael Forte or Dr. Thomas Soderling
Vollum Institute, L484
Oregon Health Sciences University
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 494-5454 or (503) 494-6931
FAX: (503) 494-4976 or (503) 494-6934
E-Mail: forte at or soderlit at

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