Postdoc position in Taiwan

Henry mbyhsun at CCVAX.SINICA.EDU.TW
Fri Oct 31 11:17:32 EST 1997

Postdoctoral position open in Taiwan

A postdoctoral position is open for the study of eye development in
Drosophila. My lab has cloned two novel genes important for eye
determination. eye gone (eyg) is a novel Pax gene, and similar to
eyeless, is essential for eye determination. Its ectopic expression can
results in ectopic eye formation. The other gene is a negative regulator
of eye development. Both genes are potential transcriptional factors. We
will continue to study the function of these genes, with emphasis on
their interaction with other genes. The study will employ a combination
of molecular, genetic, and biochemical approaches. 

The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Academia Sinica is a goverment
research institution, situated in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. It
is well funded, well equipped, and provides an excellent, international
research atmosphere. In IMB, there are three fly labs (plus several fly
labs in other local universities) that have lots of interactions and
sharing of core facilities. Fluency of Chinese is not neccessary.
English is used for all formal seminars. IMB has many non-Chinese
postdoctoral fellows.

Interested person please send CV to Dr. Y. Henry Sun (e-mail: 
mbyhsun at,  FAX  886-2-782-6085).

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