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Fri Oct 31 13:44:32 EST 1997

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> Hello, does anybody know what is the meaning of kuzbanian (the name of a
> new neurogenic gene) and in which language?
> thank you very much

The name "kuzbanian" is a reference to members of an alien lifeform (?) of
Muppets who appeared in about 4 episodes of the original Muppet Show by
Jim Henson. The Koozbanians (gene spelling changed to avoid copyright
infringement) dwell on the planet Koozbane and speak Koozbanese. They also
have wildly uncontrollable hair sticking up on the tops of their heads,
reminiscent of the striking supernumerary bristle phenotype in
Drosophila mosaic for a null kuzbanian mutation  -- and there's the
derivation of the gene name.

(The reason that this rather obscure reference came to my mind
while working on kuz mutant flies is because of its importance in my
own family's developmental profile. When an infant, my younger brother had
super-fine hair that stood up all over his head, too, and he spoke in
baby-gibberish something like Koozbanese. My parents lovingly referred to=
him as "the Koozbanian" for a while.)

Hope this helps,
Jenny Rooke
Yale Dept. of Genetics

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