keeping humidifier tanks free of mould

Emma Rushton rushton at
Wed Sep 3 16:53:44 EST 1997

I wonder if anyone can help me with our problem: we have just discovered
that the water tanks in our humidified incubators are a terrible reservoir
of moulds, which may acount for some of the mould problems we've been
having lately.

Does anyone know if it would be OK to put copper sulphate or potassium
permanganate in the tanks?  The way the humidifier works is that there is a
reservoir of water, filled from the mains, which is heated by an electric
element to produce steam.  I am afraid that the salts might be just
volatile enough to enter the air in the chamber and perhaps be toxic to the
flies.  Has anyone tried it?  Or have any information?  Does it even work? 
Any other suggestions?

thanks for any help, Emma

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