Microinjectors for transformation

Tritech Research Tritech_Research at lamg.com
Sat Sep 6 19:48:40 EST 1997

Graham Thomas,gxt5 at psu.edu,Internet writes:
We are thinking of buying a microinjector for doing embryo transformations.
A number of people we know use 'gas' driven models (e.g. Eppendorf's), but
there also seem to be peizoelectric 'syringe' type injectors (e.g.
Drummonds nanoject) that can cope with suitable volumes and would not
require the fuss and bother of gas tanks etc. Does anyone out there have
any experience using the LATTER type of model?

Graham Thomas
dear Graham,
If you decided you want a standard gas microinjection system, definitely
out our microINJECTOR.  It's only $425 and is actually better then
If you want our catalogue to have any questions, just let me know.
Best regards,
Andy Papp

PS: you can use it just as easily with a lab air line as with a nitrogen
tank, if
you have an air jet accessible.

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