Another Major FlyBase Update

FlyBase Project Members flybasemailer at MORGAN.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Sep 19 13:00:36 EST 1997

Release 9709

FlyBase announces a major new release of the Drosophila database.

The updated database contains information about nearly 50,000 alleles of
nearly 15,000 genes.  FlyBase contains descriptions of over 15,000
chromosomal aberrations, as well as molecular maps and information about
more that 2,300 molecular constructs, including more than 1,200
transposons, and information about 1,350 different transposon insertions.
The FlyBase bibliography of publications about Drosophila now contains
more than 89,000 listings, many with links to the genes, aberrations, and
molecular constructs they discuss.

FlyBase makes a number of major releases every year, and improvements in
making the data more readily accessible are often made between these
releases.  Recently a number of changes have been made in the general
search machinery that make it possible to perform more flexible searches
more rapidly.  Nearly all searches have the option of a form you can use
to indicate which field to use to search for your query, and it is now
possible to use * anywhere in your query to specify just pieces of words
or symbols.  For example, a user who wishes to list the Aberrations that
have the gene symbol dpp somewhere in the aberration symbol can perform
an aberration form search with *dpp* requested in the aberration symbol
field to get the result list of 108 aberrations that fulfill that query.

The main FlyBase server is at Indiana University, where the FlyBase URL

This service is also reachable by gopher, ftp, or email.  

     There are also FlyBase mirror sites at several additional locations
worldwide.  The URL's for these are:        in England           in Australia         in Japan        alternate U.S. site

Most of these sites also provide gopher access.  Additional information
about gopher, ftp, and email services is available from the "Getting
Started" document found at each mirror site.

You can use the How To Contact FlyBase choice on the FlyBase home page at
any mirror site to make inquiries or report problems to
flybase-help at, or to send updates and corrections to
the information in FlyBase to flybase-updates at

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