Drosophila Science Fair Project Help

Joseph Saporito camellia1990 at email.msn.com
Sat Dec 5 20:07:52 EST 1998

Is there someone there who could answer a few questions about my Drosophila
science fair experiment?  My plan has been approved by my teacher and by the
local science fair board.  I could fax a copy of it to anyone who would take
a few minutes to give me some comments.

I am exposing drosophila to 3 types of radiation, looking for mutations: UV
rays, x-rays, and microwaves.

I need to know how much of each radiation to expose them to so I'm not just
wasting time and the experiment doesn't really prove anything.  For example,
in my reasearch, I read that it takes "a lot" of x-ray radiation to cause
the genetic mutations, but they didn't define "a lot."

My orthodontist said he will do the x-rays for me, but I need to know how
many times to ask him to "zap" the flies.

Also, I tested the microwave oven using common house flies, but they died
with as little as 10% power for only 8 seconds.  Do you know of another
microwave source I could use?  If I just put them right outside the
microwave door would they get enough?  For how long?

I ordered a UV lamp and plan to expose the flies for 24 hours a day for
about a week.  I read that UV is very low level.  Do you think this will be
enough?  Too much?


Lauren Saporito, Duchesne Academy, Houston

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