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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 10:43:27 -0700
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Would you please forward this message to colleagues who you feel might
be interested in attending this new Gordon Conference.  Thanks!  Henry

A new Gordon Research Conference titled "Molecular Biology of the Egg"
will be held August 16-21, 1998 at the Proctor Academy in Andover, New

The conference themes will be:

Oocyte Coverings - the Chorion, Zona Pellucida and Cortical Granules. 
The Germ Line in Insects and the Mouse. 
The Cytoskeleton - Actin, Microtubules and the Formation of Ring Canals. 
Receptors for Vitellogenin and Sperm, and 'Giant' Receptors. 
Vitellogenins - Protein Structure, Regulation of Gene Expression, and
the Effects of Environmental Contaminants on Reproductive Biology.  
RNA Localization and Translational Control.
Patterning - the Establishment of Polarity.

You can find details of the conference - speakers etc. - at our homepage

You can register for the conference at:

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