Postdoc position

Henry Krause h.krause at
Mon Jan 5 15:20:24 EST 1998

Funding for a postdoc position is available for recent graduates with
experience in molecular bilogy and/or Drosophila genetics. The position is
available any time in 1998, but applications must be received by January
15th. Applicants must have received their Ph.D. within the past two years
and must include in their application an up to date c.v., three letters of
recommendation and your most recent transcripts.

Two projects are available. The first involves identifying and
characterizing proteins that interact with the homeodomain protein fushi
tarazu. The second involves elucidation of the mechanisms and roles of
sub-cellular transcript localization for transcripts that encode components
of the wingless signaling cascade. More information on these projects and
the lab can be found at the lab WEB site:
This site also contains links to the University of Toronto and Toronto in

Information can be sent by e-mail, FAX or post, however, keep in mind the
Jan. 15th deadline. e-mail: h.krause at
                  FAX: 416-978-8528
	         mail: Dr. Henry Krause
		       C.H. Best Institute, University of Toronto
		       112 College St., Toronto
		       Ontario, Canada, M5G 1L6

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