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>Subject: Drosophila Research at PUIs
>     At the last C elegans research meeting held in Madison,
>Wisconsin, I attended a very exciting panel discussion, organized by
>Jim Lissemore,  on how to conduct a worm research program at a PUI
>(Primarily Undergraduate Institution).  It was very well attended by
>40-50 faculty who exchanged stories about how they managed to
>integrate teaching and research.  I talked a little about NSF programs
>that can help to support these activities.  Most importantly, a large
>number of graduate students and post-docs attended.  They basically
>wanted to ask the question_."What is a PUI and could I be happy at
>one?"  The give and take of the Q & A session afterwards was very
>valuable and I believe a good number of the grad students and post
>docs now will consider looking for positions at a PUI, not as a
>consolation prize for not getting an offer from a Research 1
>University, but because the mix of teaching and research is what they
>would like.  A side benefit of the session was that an EMAIL listing
>of the participants was generated so as to facilitate contacts within
>the group.
>I'd like to host a similar panel discussion for the Drosophila
>community whose research meetings are being held in Washington DC at
>the Omni Shoreham Hotel from March 25-29.  I've been given a slot,
>Friday March 27 from 7:30-10pm and a room in which to hold this
>workshop.  Now, I'm looking for faculty from PUIs who will be
>attending the meeting who might like to sit on the panel and offer
>their experiences.
>If you're planning on attending, I'd love to have you participate in
>this activity which not only helps us as researchers at PUI, but also
>helps the next generation of faculty make informed career decisions.
>If you are interested,  send me an EMAIL at the address below (please
>don't bounce your reply to everyone on this list!)  I'll moderate the
>panel discussion and again do a short presentation about NSF programs.
> I'll also volunteer to assemble and distribute an EMAIL list of all
>Thanks for your help.
>Joe Pelliccia
>Joseph Pelliccia
>Program Director
>Division of Undergraduate Education
>National Science Foundation
>4201 Wilson Blvd.  Room 835
>Arlington, VA  22230
>(703)  306-1667  VOICE
>(703)  306-0445  FAX
>jpellicc at nsf.gov

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