Actin5C and Orf5C

Olaf Vef ovef at
Thu Jan 15 03:19:21 EST 1998

Actin5C and Orf5C

Dear Drosophila workers,
I am looking for a transgenic Drosophila stock, maybe hs-Actin5C, or
Actin5C behind any promoter, to rescue possible Actin5C mutants (or
Actin5C-Orf5C double mutants). The mutants are already rescued over a big
translocation, which includes the 5C region. 

Does anybody know whether there is a Orf5C protin (peptide) or not? 

I am also interested in all kinds of information about Actin5C and Orf5C
genes (I have already done a Fly base reference query for the two genes). 

I am looking forward to your comments, (maybe) help, and information.

Many thanks in advance,


Olaf Vef
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Universitaet Mainz
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