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Mary Stewart mastewar at BADLANDS.NODAK.EDU
Sat Jan 17 20:23:58 EST 1998

Graduate Student Position Opening in Cell, Molecular and Developmental
Biology for fall, 1998.  

A funded graduate student position, including full tuition waver, is open
in my laboratory beginning in fall, 1998.  The degree program would be
either in Cellular and Molecular Biology or in Zoology.  Current projects
in the laboratory involve investigation of the Drosophila p70 S6 kinase in
oogenesis, development and investigation of the signal transduction pathway
leading to p70 S6 kinase activation (see Stewart et al., 1996, PNAS,
93:10791-10796).  (Also see and
see the graduate school page at
( The mammalian
p70 S6 kinase is thought to be involved in regulating the translation of a
specific class of mRNAs encoding products required for cell growth and
translation.  Consistent with a role for this kinase in regulating
translation, mutations in the Drosophila p70 S6 kinase disrupt oogenesis
and cause a Minute-like phenotype, representing the first reported
non-ribosomal protein Minute.  We are using clonal analysis of hypomorphic
and null alleles to determine the tissue requirements of this kinase.  A
second project involves genetic screens for components of the S6 kinase
signaling pathway.  

If you know of a student interested in Drosophila genetics and development,
cell biology and signaling, and considering graduate school, please pass
this announcement on to them.  Information on how to contact me is below.

Mary Stewart
phone:  701-231-8226
email:  mastewar at
fax:  701-231-7149

Mailing address:
Mary Stewart
Dept. of Zoology
North Dakota State Univ.
Fargo, ND  58105


Mary Stewart
Dept. of Zoology
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North Dakota State Univ.
Fargo, ND  58105
United States

phone: (701) 231-8226
fax:  (701) 231-7149

email:  mastewar at

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