[bio.dros] food indicator

ASZTALOS, Zoltan asztalos at fly.erato.jst.go.jp
Tue Jan 20 20:48:08 EST 1998

Alex Holman さんが  1:30 AM 98.1.20 -0500ごろに
「[bio.dros] food indicator」の件で:
>I am performing an experiment to determine the lowest concentration
>threshold drosophila  can detect and require an indicator that can be added
>to both a water and a fructose solution and will demonstrate which solution
>a fly ingested.  However, both types must have indistinguishable tastes to
>the fruit fly.  Currently I am using food coloring, and reading the color
>change through the body of the fly, but am looking for a faster more
>reliable way.  Flies must be able to survive the treatment.  Considered
>radioactive tagging, however both paperwork and possible increased mutation
>rates would be a problem.  Looking specially for a photoluminescence dye
>which could be used.  Any suggestions?
>Alex Holman
>aholman at clarku.edu

Dear Alex,

We created some p[hs-luciferase] lines what you might be interested in. One
of them is leaky, so the Luciferase enzyme is present in the cells
permanently. If you mix luciferin substrate (water soluble) into one of
your food source you can detect the uptake of that one by measuring the
luminescence of the fly - possibly in the intact(!) fly. Let me know if you
can make a use of it.


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