How do you get rid of fruit flies? Please help.

EBright18 ebright18 at
Fri Jan 23 15:05:14 EST 1998

Let me apologize first for posting this type of message on what seems to be a
scientific newsgroup, but we have all of a sudden seen an overwhelming amount
of what we think are fruit flies in our apartment, and other than squishing the
ones we can, we don't know how to eradicate them naturally (with no toxic
repurcussions to humans).  Do any of you know what to do, or know of any fruit
fly weaknesses?  The only idea I've come up with is getting some venus fly
Any and all responses will be welcome, but please e-mail me personally seeing
as I'm not going to be checking this newsgroup.  Again, I'm sorry for
interrupting such a scientific newsgroup with this question, but I didn't know
who to ask.

Thanks In Advance,
         E. Bright (EBright18 at

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