plea for an altruist

Mitch Dushay Dushay.1 at ND.EDU
Fri Jan 23 16:18:11 EST 1998

Dear Fellow Drosophilists
    The newsgroup has seen many requests from regular people for suggestions on
how to reduce numbers of flies in houses, kitchens, and bars.  Often, one or
another of us rouses ourselves to trot out the usual fly trap recipes, and
I confess
that I too have played the wag with the frivilous comment.  These requests are
sincere however, and as feeders at the public trough, we should provide what
assistance we can (not much).  Wouldn't it be good then, if someone got the
store of advice together and made it publicly available?  I'm not very
about the web, but perhaps a trap recipe and etc. could be accessed from
or a web site could be created.  Anyone out there trying to get rid of
at home then could be referred to the site;  they might be satisfied, and we'd
save a bit of bandwidth.

yours in Science,

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