Diachete Wings

Richard M Kliman rkliman at runet.edu
Wed Mar 11 12:14:30 EST 1998

In article <3506AC64.BF768262 at domain.com>, lab  <defaultuser at domain.com> wrote:
>I am currently doing a project for the University of Michigan Genetics
>class.  I need help.  I use the Cal. State Virtual Fly Lab site to do
>the crosses.  When I tried diachete wings, I received some strange
>results.  I believe it may be heterozygous for diachete and lethal for
>homozygous dominant.  Is this correct or am I way off?  Please help.

Mike (or should I call you "defaultuser"),

Why don't you look this up in Flybase?  You should find all the 
information you need there.


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