Kathleen Gajewski sa08383 at ODIN.MDACC.TMC.EDU
Wed Mar 11 20:31:51 EST 1998

I desperately need some advice on in situ hybridization to whole mount 
embryos with DIG probes.  I used to perform this technique successfully a 
couple of years ago (which makes this even more aggravating), but now I 
get nothing but non-specific staining.  I've tried both DNA (double 
stranded) and RNA probes recently with no luck. Another post-doc in the 
lab is having similar problems.  Is there something about 
the Genius kits that has changed that I don't know about?  Does anyone 
have a few tricks of the trade that they might please share?

Thank you to anyone who replies,
Kathleen Gajewski

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