Scott Shanes sis at
Wed Mar 18 08:38:38 EST 1998

I am looking for a person to perform protein purification.  The candidate
will have 1+ years experience with protein purification  (general
chromatography skills) and characterization (SDS Page, Western Blot,
slot/dot blot, HPLC).  Familiarity with UV VIS spectroscopy and computers. 
You will be responsible for the purification of proteins in small to medium
scale from baculovirus infected cells and mammalian cells and purification
and refolding of proteins from E. coli and Pichia sources.  You should
possess a B.S. or in Biochemistry or medical sciences. We are a
leading biotech firm with research facilities in Tarrytown, New York and
can provide excellent benefits (health insurance, dental, and vision plan,
paid vactation and more). A high impact, high profile position with
excellent opportunity for advancement.  Please contact Scott Shanes by
phone at 609-584-8733 Ext. 218, fax resume and cover letter to 609-584-9575
or E-Mail to sis at

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