courtship assay (nishiguchi)

Indrani Ganguly runa at
Thu Sep 10 22:30:59 EST 1998

hi earl,
this is in response to your request.
thought i would share my meagre experience with u: i have been trying to
stdize my courtship assay, since i'm interested in looking at courtship
behaviour too.

what has been ordinarily done is to use the no-choice assay where a single
male virgin fly (of specified age) is paired with a single virgin female
of same age. these single pair trials last for about 20 min each. during
which one can make  measurements such as onset of courtship that begins
with orientation followed by the courtship "song", licking, copulation
attempts, to successful copulation.

i did try the single pair no-choice assays previously, but due to my flies
being from highly inbred strains, it seems easier for me to assay
behaviour in groups of 5 pairs.

i am still working things out, and would greatly appreciate any input from
u, (OR ANYONE OUT THERE WITH EXPERIENCE) esp. after u have ur assay up and
in the mean time, though, a word of caution : barometric pressure is one
parameter one must consider when carrying out these assays, coz the
flies tend to misbehave shortly before after and during stormy weather :). 


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