voltalef oil users in USA

Jason S Goltz goltz at aecom.yu.edu
Thu Apr 29 19:14:12 EST 1999

Voltalef (elf atochem) oil is a polychlorotriflouroethlyene (PCTFE) oil that is available from
Halocarbon Products Corp. of River Edge, NJ (201-262-8899).  The densities and centistokes
measurements are available from both companies.  HPC offers oils #6.3, 27, 56, 95, 200, 400,
700.  Oil 27 is almost identical to Voltalef 3S, Oil 200 is a little less viscous than Voltalef
10S, Oil 400 is a bit more viscous than Voltalef 10S, and Oil 700 is comparable to a 15-20S
oil.  Pricing is $88/ 1lb, $65/lb for a 4lb (quart) and 16lb (gallon) container.  We've tested
these oils and they work well for embryo injections.



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