I mutated drosophila!

Anthony J. Greenberg agreenberg at molbio.princeton.edu
Mon Mar 8 04:07:09 EST 1999

Dead larvae get black due to necrosis.  Same things happen to pupae.

MrArmagedn wrote:

> Hey everybody.  A while back I posted a lot of stuff on help for my project and
> people have been quite helpfull.  Well, my project is on mutating drosophila
> with paint thinner. and it worked.  some of my flies have deformed abdomens,
> genitalia, elongated legs, vestigal wings, and some of my larvae were entirely
> blackened.  possibly because of some kinda cancer?  I have no clue.  And some
> of my pupae are darkened, but don't hatch. weird.  Well thats it.  I don't know
> why my larvae were blackened.  Any clue?

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