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Wilfried Janning janning at uni-muenster.de
Sun Mar 14 07:17:22 EST 1999

*** New in FlyView ***

In the "Goettingen X-Chromosome Project" (GXP) vital X-chromosomal gene
functions will be targeted by transposon mutagenesis using a recombinant
enhancer trap version of the "P-lacW element". Over 38000 individual
females bearing a new P-lacW insertion were screened. From these about
500 lethal mutations that carry a single P-lacW insertion on the
X-chromosome were established. 

A first batch of 78 lines was included into FlyView database: genetic
data and pictures of embryonic expression patterns. 

Stocks can be ordered from Bloomington stock center (via FlyBase). 

You are invited to visit http://flyview.uni-muenster.de/

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