Serum-free medium for Schnerider S2 Drosophila cells

David das1002remove-this-bit at
Mon Mar 15 17:57:20 EST 1999

I think that Sigma's 'Shields and Sang M3 insect medium' is the kind of
thing you are looking for; it comes in powder form, or as ready-made
solutions. See (click on the 'Sigma' graphic)


In article <3447D7F0AFD4D011AE0400608C14CE560DD3DB40 at>,
Tan Nguan Soon <dbstanns at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Does anyone know of a cheap source of serum-free medium for Schenider S2
> Drosophila cells?  Preferably one that supply it in a powder form?
> Thank you for your help

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