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> I am a college student researching on possible natural insecticides from
> spices. I would like to know how drosophila "recognise" the fruits and
> the type of fruit which it is most attracted to. Certain smells repel
> them. Why and how?
> If you have any information, please reply soon. Thanks.

It's not the fruit, but the yeasts which grow on aging/roting fruit.
Drosophila also go wild for beer (now *there's* a research project for
some of you out there!) and yeast breads, especially the homemade variety.

As for the "why and how," isn't that your job to figure out? At a trivial
level, they just don't like certain smells. At a molecular level, I think
it's fair to say that no one knows the mechanism of this repulsion.

Chris Jones

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