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SNbeatles at AOL.COM SNbeatles at AOL.COM
Tue Mar 30 18:03:03 EST 1999

I am a biology student at Webster university in St. Louis, MO.  My lab partner
and I are working with Drosophila melanogaster with white eyes.  We need to
determine which chromosome the mutation is on.  From the results of the F1
generation we know it is not sex linked.  In the F2,  we have wild, white,
brown, and scarlet eyes.  We think the white eyes is due to gene interaction
of the brown and scarlet which are on chromosome 2 and 3.  I've tried finding
information on this through Flybase and some other websites but have been
unsuccessful.  My lab partner and I would be very grateful if you could help
us find some information on this.
thank you,
SNbeatles at aol.com

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