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>Hi all,
>My name is Ajay Pillarisetti, i'm a freshman at Emory College in Atlanta, Ga.
>A group of my fellow students in our research bio class are working on a
>project to see what the effects of environmental shaking, simulated by a large
>water bath shaker (minus the water), are on drosophila.  I was wondering if
>anyone had any insight on the biological method by which the flies maintained
>balance.  Additionally, any knowledge about similar studies and/or the effects
>of shaking on the flies would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your
>time and
>Ajay Pillarisetti
>shdowflame at
>apillar at

You will find a similar experiment reported in:

Fizz-Loony, F. & K. Linderstrøm-Lang (1962). The thermodynamic activity of
the male housefly (Muscus domesticus L-L.). In:  Linderstrøm-Lang, K.,
Selected Papers, Copenhagen: Danish Science Press, p. 573-584.
Best:), -Dick Gordon

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