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poirie at univ-tours.fr writes:
We plan to buy a microinjection system and would be happy to have
informations about the different ones and what is the best at the moment.
Thank you for your help

Dr M. PoiriÈ
UniversitÈ F. Rabelais
37200 TOURS
33 0247366976
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Poirie at univ-tours.fr

Tritech Reasearch offers a great microinjector.  It is used by the majority of
C. elegans labs, and is gaining popularity in fly, frog, and transgenic mouse
labs all over.  It works with an electronic foot pedal, so your hands are 
and one of the biggest differences between it and the Eppendorf or Narishige
systems is the price.  Tritech's injector is only $425, and even with all the
options and a needle holder, it is only $550!!!  And, yes, there is a Euro- CE
version for $25 more.

Here is the web page:
click on microinjector.
e-mail:    info at TritechResearch.com

Best regards,
Andy Papp

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