[bio.dros] FlyBase/BDGP Redesign Survey

Kunio Isono isono at biology.is.tohoku.ac.jp
Tue Nov 23 23:19:07 EST 1999


FlyBase>1. What kinds of questions do you use FlyBase/BDGP to answer?

available fly stocks, P constructs, genome clones and STSs, 
EST clones and sequences,  general information about Drosophila genes, deletions
and other chromosomal rearangements
FlyBase>2. What kinds of questions have you ATTEMPTED to use FlyBase/BDGP to
FlyBase>answer and been unsuccessful?

possible source for obtaining unavailable stocks and constructs by center/BDGP.

FlyBase>3. What section or tool in FlyBase/BDGP do you use the most?

Drosophila stocks

FlyBase>4. Is there a particular section or tool that you strongly like or

I like graphic display of the chrosome bands, contigs and genome clones etc.

I dislike the quiry page of genes, constructs, insertions etc because it often
ends in no hits simply due to my imprecise words & expressions.

FlyBase>5. What types of information or queries do you anticipate needing in
FlyBase>the future, especially in view of the increased sequence data that will
FlyBase>be available shortly?

prediction of genes from the genome database. cross references between
genetic data
and  the genome sequence.

enhancer/gal4 tissue expressions

FlyBase>6. Have you ever looked for a page on FlyBase/BDGP that you know is
FlyBase>there, but been unable to find it? Which one(s)?


FlyBase>7. Most of the features currently available through the BDGP pages will
FlyBase>be moved a new FlyBase Web site. Do you have any comments about the
FlyBase>layout and organization of both current sites? What features from
FlyBase>either would you like to see on an integrated top page?

easy to find search engine that searches without specific knowledge on
formal stock name,
 ,name of the constructs,  gene names etc.  


FlyBase>8. Are there any other features you would like to see on FlyBase?

expression pattern of various enhancer trap lines not in embryonic but 
in the adult stage

FlyBase>9. Do you have any other comments/criticisms?

deasy to use database for non Drosophila people
FlyBase>The following questions are completely optional, however the
FlyBase>information would be very useful to us.
FlyBase>10. What are your research interests?


FlyBase>11. What is your research position?

research associate in university
FlyBase>12. What is your institution and e-mail address?

Tohoku University Graduate School of Information Sciences,
Katahira, Aoba, Sendai 980-8577, Japan

isono at biology.is.tohoku.ac.jp

          Kunio Isono
Tohoku University Graduate School of
       Information Sciences
     Sendai 980-8577,  Japan
    Office&Lab  022-217-5047
        FAX     022-263-9858
email isono at biology.is.tohoku.ac.jp

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