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Wed Nov 24 14:40:59 EST 1999

Dear Colleagues:

We are posting this announcement to remind you that the application
deadline for the CRETE XII EMBO Conference is rapidly approaching.

The Twelfth International Workshop on the
will be held at Kolymbari, Crete (Greece) June 18-25, 2000

The objective of this workshop, which is supported by EMBO, is to discuss
recent findings on gene organization and expression, early development,
pattern formation, developmental neurobiology and evolution of Drosophila.
Approximately 80 participants will be selected from applicants, by majority
vote by the organizing committee. The participants are expected to
contribute to the subject coverage. Applications should include a short
summary of research interests and a brief C.V. if such information is
thought to be important in facilitating the selection process. Please note
that acceptance to the meeting is strictly limited to the individual

A registration fee of $400.00 will be remitted upon acceptance. Local
expenses in Crete will be covered. Participants are expected to finance
their travel to Crete. However, a small number of grants in aid for partial
travel support may become available. Preference will be given to junior

The deadline for applications: January 1, 2000:

For logistical purposes we need to adhere strictly to this deadline.
Applications should be sent to:

c/o Dr. S. Artavanis-Tsakonas
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Harvard Medical School
Department of Cell Biology
13th Street - Building 149
Charlestown, MA 02129-2060 USA

Or you can send your application electronically at:

The Organizing Committee:

S. Artavanis-Tsakonas, H. Bellen, M. Bienz, S. Bray, P. Cherbas, S. Cohen,
L. Cooley, C. Delidakis, A. Ephrussi, C. Goodman, I. Hariharan, Y. Hotta,
Y.N. Jan, F. Kafatos, T. Kaufman, M. Krasnow, P. Lawrence, R. Lehmann, W.
McGinnis, S. Parkhurst, N. Perrimon, G. Rubin, M. Scott, B. Shilo, A.
Spradling, C. Thummel, C. Zuker

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