about the phenotypeb of homozygote of CyO

Ze Cheng ginger at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed Oct 6 11:14:33 EST 1999

Hello,(my email:ginger_1974 at yahoo.com)
   I am a graduate student of SUNY at Buffalo.The strain i am gonna use
in my research project has a lethal mutation on one chromosome and CyO
on the other,so the homozygote of both will be lethal.I need to know at 
which stage the homozygote of the lethal mutation is dying.But first of
all,i have to separate the two lethals(homozygote of CyO and homozygote
of the lethal mutation).Otherwise I can not tell which lethal embryo is
my lethal mutation.I have looked all the references but got nothing
back.Can someone tell me where to look for information like this?Thanks
a lot for the help.

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