about the phenotypeb of homozygote of CyO

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> Hello,(my email:ginger_1974 at yahoo.com)
>    I am a graduate student of SUNY at Buffalo.The strain i am gonna use
> in my research project has a lethal mutation on one chromosome and CyO
> on the other,so the homozygote of both will be lethal.I need to know at 
> which stage the homozygote of the lethal mutation is dying.But first of
> all,i have to separate the two lethals(homozygote of CyO and homozygote
> of the lethal mutation).Otherwise I can not tell which lethal embryo is
> my lethal mutation.I have looked all the references but got nothing
> back.Can someone tell me where to look for information like this?Thanks
> a lot for the help.
>     ginger

Ginger --

If your animals are dying at two different stages, simply determine which
are CyO homozygotes by looking at the dead animals from a CyO/+

If all embryos are dying at the same stage it doesn't matter which are
which, you don't need to distinguish CyO/CyO from lethal/lethal.

Chris Jones

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