DNA libraries

rabi307 rabi307 at UVM.HAIFA.AC.IL
Fri Sep 3 11:09:30 EST 1999

Dear Flypeoples,
     We are looking for a both genomic and cDNA
libraries (embryonic, larva and especially from
adult brain) of Drosophila melanogaster.
     I am going to screen these libraries with DNA probe
in order to find a new gene that involved in learning
and memory.
     If anyone have it and are willing to share with me
I would greatly appreciate it.
     Please contact me:

Konstantin Iliadi (PhD)
Lab of Drosophila Genetics
Institute of Evolution
University of Haifa
Mt. Carmel, Haifa 31905
Tel     +(972)48240-449
FAX     +(972)48246-554
e-mail iliadi at esti.haifa.ac.il

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