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Tue Sep 14 04:04:24 EST 1999

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP. A post-doctoral position is available for
investigating the genetic cost  of a cytochrome P450 gene alteration
leading to insecticide resistance in Drosophila melanogaster strains.
Insects have demonstrated their capacity to develop resistance against
numerous compounds and especially against insecticides. We have
characterized a D. melanogaster strain resistant to DDT in which the
resistance is due to mutations in the gene coding for the CYP6A2
cytochrome P450. The aim of the research project is to construct
transgenic Drosophila strains using the flp/FRT system, which will be
preferably used to avoid any position effect, with various alleles of
CYP6A2 known for their activity features as they have already been
expressed in bacteria. It should then be possible to compare the effects
of the CYP6A2 alleles on drosophila physiology and on the expression
level of some stress genes and then to evaluate the genetic cost of
insecticide resistance alleles. This work will also be the basis for the
search of “resistance cost modifiers” in drosophila.

The postdoctoral fellow will be conducted in the laboratory of Response
to Xenobiotics and Ecotoxicology, Institut National de la Recherche
Agrononique, Antibes, FRANCE. Initial appointment for one year,
renewable for a additional year. Start date : October 1999.

The candidate should have a Ph.D. or equivalent and expertise in
molecular biology techniques and especially in  transgenesis with
drosophila using the flp/FRT system. To apply, email or mail curriculum
vitae, description of technical expertise, and names/addresses/phone
number/email addresses for 2 references to :

Dr. Sophie Tarès

SVE-INRA, 123 Boulevard F. Meilland, BP 2078, 06606 ANTIBES cedex,
France; E-mail: tares at

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