Stefan Baumgartner Stefan.Baumgartner at
Fri Mar 3 09:06:46 EST 2000

The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Section for Developmental
Biology at Lund University is inviting applications for one

INDEPENDENT RESEARCH ASSOCIATE  (4+2 years) (Ref nr 975/00)

in the field of developmental biology and genetics using Drosophila as a
model organism. Applicants should have a strong interest in at least one
of the following fields:
"Functional characterization of extracellular matrix proteins".
"Molecular genetic analysis of neuroblast identity and axonal guidance".

Successful candidates must have extensive laboratory experience with
molecular biology techniques and/or genetic model systems and will need
to demonstrate the ability to carry out an independent and competitive
research project.
Please send applications including CV, list of publications, and short
description of research interest to: Registrator, Lunds Universitet, Box
117,  221 00 Lund until March 31 2000.  Please also indicate reference
number 975/00.  Further information may be obtained directly from S.
Baumgartner, Department of Cell & Molecular Biology, Box 94, S-22100
Lund, Sweden, or Stefan.Baumgartner at, or visit our Web page:


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