Monohybrid crosses with drosophila

Jason Muir jason.muir at
Tue Mar 14 18:40:28 EST 2000

Hi Ross,

I'm doing a slightly similar project just now, albeit only at A Level.  Mine
is a short test involving a similar cross, to establish whether or not the
adults hatch in batches of m/f, red/white eye, long/vestigial wing, etc.

Perhaos we can copy our results to eachy other, along with any other useful
bits / responses?


"Seeds family" <seedsfamily at> wrote in message
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> can anyone send me information on why the F2 offspring would have very
> different phenotypic ratios than expected.  I crossed red eyed flies with
> eyed flies and got it roughly correct,  but I had lots more females than
> expected.
> With a cross between vestigial winged flies and wild flies I got a 5:1
ratio of
> wild to vestigial.
> Are there any conditions that would make more females develop?
> Anything would help as I'm stuck on evaluating my project
> Ros
> ros_seeds at

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