Fly BCL-2/CED-9 protein was found in silico, who is interested in it?

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Thu Mar 16 21:06:07 EST 2000

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Dear Colleagues,

We know that CED-3/4/9 play essential roles in apoptosis
of C. elegans. Homologues of CED-3 and CED-4 were
recently found in Drosophila. We just identified a new 
gene, which encodes a drosophila homologue of C. elegans 
CED-9 and mammalian BCL-2 using a series of bioinformatic 

Now, the report is ready, we hope some one can clone this
gene and study its function in experiments. If some group 
are interested in this gene, please contact me.

Tao Xie
Bioinformatics & Protein Engineering Lab.
320# Yue Yang Road, Shanghai, P. R. China, 200031
Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry 
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone: (86)-(21)-64374430 ext 255
Fax:       (86)-(21)-64338357
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