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Wed Mar 29 07:19:09 EST 2000

Research Technologist Position Available:
Drosophila Tracheal Development at Northwestern university

Lab:      Dr. Greg Beitel, BMBCB Hogan Hall Rm. 2-100, Northwestern
University, Evanston  IL 60208-3500; (847) 467-7776, beitel at

Research area

	Our laboratory's long term goal is to understand how individual
cells control their shapes and coordinate with other cells to create the
complex organs found in multicellular organisms.  To this end, we are using
genetic, molecular and cell biological approaches to identify and study
genes required for the morphogenesis of the Drosophila tracheal system.
The Drosophila tracheal system is a ramifying network of epithelial tubes
that serves as a combined airway and vascular system for delivering oxygen
to tissues in the fly.  At the molecular level, Drosophila tracheal
development has striking similarities to both vertebrate lung and vascular
development.  These similarities, coupled with the simplicity of the
tracheal system and the power of Drosophila genetics, makes the tracheal
system an outstanding model system for understanding the morphogenesis of
the tubular epithelia that are central to such vertebrate organs as the
vascular system, lung and kidney.
	We have shown that size of the Drosophila tracheal tubes is
controlled by a genetic program and identified mutations in eight genes
that cause the tracheal tubes to have abnormal lengths or diameters.  We
have also identified mutations that affect cell-cell adhesion and the
apical/basal organization of tracheal cells.  We are currently cloning and
characterizing several of these genes, and will pursue the vertebrate
homologues of these genes to understand the general roles of these genes in
the morphogenesis of tubular epithelial organs.

Job description

	Responsibilities of this position include:  Performing molecular
biology experiments (cloning, PCR, Southern blotting using
radionucleotides) as outlined by the PI; performing Drosophila genetic
experiments (crosses, phenotypic analysis) as outlined by the PI (previous
experience with Drosophila or other genetic organism preferred but not
essential); maintaining lab Drosophila stocks; keeping detailed and
accurate records of procedures and data; presenting experimental results at
lab meetings; maintaining general laboratory records, inventories, ordering
and tracking grant expenditures; assisting in supervising and training
undergraduates.  Position requires a Bachelors degree in Biology or related
field.  The research objective is to understand how epithelial cells
control their shapes to create and regulate the size of tubes in organs
such as the circulatory system, lung and kidney.

Dr. Greg Beitel, Assistant Professor
Dept. of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology (BMBCB)
Hogan Hall, Rm. 2-100
2153 North Campus Dr.
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL 60208-3500
Phone: (847) 467-7776
FAX: (847) 467-1380


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