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Wed May 24 11:39:33 EST 2000

"Postdoc: Heat-shock proteins, natural thermal stress, and 
development"   MANY THANKS.

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION available Autumn 2000 for 1 year (renewable for 
1-2  additional years) for an NSF-supported multidisciplinary 
investigation of functional significance and evolutionary variation 
of  heat-shock proteins in Drosophila.  A major component of this 
project is to examine developmental abnormalities induced by natural 
heat shock, their consequences for fitness, and the role of Hsp70 in 
mitigating these abnormalities (see Roberts, S.P., and M.E. Feder. 
1999. Natural hyperthermia and expression of the heat-shock protein 
Hsp70 affect development in Drosophila melanogaster. Oecologia 121: 
323-329.  PDF available at 
10323.pdf ). The project will also examine these issues in the 
context of natural variation in both Hsp70 expression and its 
encoding genes, and  is expected to involve both field and laboratory 
studies.   There is substantial opportunity for creativity and 
interaction with other labs on campus.   The ideal candidate will 
have interest and technical expertise in heat-shock 
proteins/molecular chaperones, Drosophila developmental biology and 
genetics, and evolutionary biology; or enthusiasm for becoming 
interested in these areas and learning these techniques.  Exact 
starting date and term are negotiable; salary will be based on 
experience and qualifications.

Recent progress in the research program of which this project is a 
component is described at:

To be considered for the position, submit curriculum vitae, 
names/phone#/email of 3 references, preferably electronically,  to:
Dr. Martin Feder
m-feder at
Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy
The University of Chicago
1027 East 57th Street Chicago, IL 60637 USA
Phone: 773-702-8096
Fax: 773- 702-0037

Applications received by 1 July 2000  will be assured full 
consideration.  An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.


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