Psc/Su(z)2 stocks

Paul Adler pna at
Tue Oct 10 13:51:05 EST 2000

I am getting ready to toss the remaining Psc/Su(z)2 stocks from my stock
collection.  The available stocks are listed below.  If anyone is interested
in them I will keep them around for another month.
Paul Adler

     S9.2 hs Su(z)2
     p41.8 hsPsc - not corrected
     P.OK 7D/TM3 hs Psc - corrected, strong expression
     SG14.3/CyO Su(z)2 genomic gene
     SM-HR6 myc tagged hs-Su(z)2 HR
     Smd520-6 myc tagged hs-Not fragment from Su(z)2 = Not6
     Smd220-14 myc tagged hs-Bgl fragment from Su(z)2 = Bg14.1
     SGM 13.4/TM3 myc tagged genomic Su(z)2 transgene
     Smd850-3 myc tagged hs-Sph fragment from Su(z)2 = Sph3
     sac24 myc tagged hs-Su(z)2 sac fragment
     vg-62/CyO cn- Psc-, Su(z)2-GOF
     cn Psc-1 bw sp/CyO from Nusslein-Volhard/Weischaus screen
     Su(z)2-5/CyO aka 378-FELBS from Ting Wu
     Su(z)2-1/CyO aka 306.5a from Ting Wu
     Su(z)2-4/CyO aka 305 from Ting Wu
      sc z w-is Su(z)2.1.b8/CyO 645.13 35as from Ting Wu
      sc z w-is Su(z)2.1b7/CyO From ting Wu
     Arp-1 en-Arp/CyO en-Arp is a mutation in distaless P stock
     Arp-1rvDC11/CyO DC11 is a Psc null - P stock
      yw Psc-DC11/CyO P stock
     Arp-1rvSQ2a/CyO SQ2a is a Su(z)2 null - P stock

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